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Family Lifestyle


1 - 1.5 hour shoot, editing, all high resolution digital images

Family sessions are all about capturing your family being and doing everything that makes you special!

We can read, swim, play hide and seek, bake, blow bubbles, laugh and love! These sessions are designed to capture the in-between moments - the ones you'll want to remember forever but know the tiny details are often quickly forgotten so best documented.

Immediate Family only. For extended family add $150/family



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(add maternity: $150)


1.5 hours, editing, all high resolution digital images

There is nothing more precious then your new baby and family! Capturing this moment in time should be stress free, calm and all about your new life together.

My newborn sessions are documentary in style - I want to freeze in time the awe, love and wonder in the most natural way possible. Newborn sessions include everything from family photos, family moments, portraits and all the tiny details. 

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(NYC additional $200)

Ballet will forever be a passion of mine! The movement, art, dedication and sheer hard work leave me in awe. Capturing this elite sport is pure joy! 

Ballet sessions are approximately 3 hours long. They can include multiple locations and costume changes. Approximately 20 high resolution digital images included.

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Our Family

(outdoor location only)


This shoot is all about prosterity. We focus on family photos and individual portraits making sure your family is beautiful documented.  The perfect session for keeping the family photo updated!

Half an hour on location, price includes the shoot, editing and all digital images. 

Immediate family members only. For extended family add $150

Not available in home: on location only

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Introduction price!

Studio sessions are for those wanting an intimate portrait that resembles fine art. I use light to draw attention to the subject only. 

Each session is approximately an hour long (depending on the subject) and will produce 5-10 portraits. 

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Architecture/Interior Design


Minimum of two hours

15 high resolution digital images

Make sure your stunning work is captured professionally! 

No limit regarding number of rooms.